Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011 - The Costumes

The Mad Scientist

Walt Disney - an American historical figure chosen for the 5th grade wax museum.  (Hence the Mickey Mouse pumpkin design.)  He sketched that Mickey himself.  And it was his idea to make the photo black and white - clever!
Here he is at the wax museum giving his speech.
Later that day he switched into his trick-or-treating costume - a Little Caesars pizza delivery guy.  Thanks to Little Caesars for the free t-shirt and empty pizza box!  After last years costume we are starting to think that he should get sponsors every year.  He makes some great advertising!
The empty pizza slice is the hole into his trick-or-treating bag.  People sure got a kick out of his costume this year!
Queen Elizabeth I.  Thanks to some generous friends willing to lend out their costumes!  She was as fancy as can be!

Here is the Queen at the school costume parade.
Shhhh!  Don't remind her that she was a bumblebee last year!  We loved the idea - easy peasy.  Here she is handing out napkins at her preschool Halloween party.

Guess who dressed up this year for the very first time?  I was helping out with class parties and decided to join in the fun.
See the eyelashes?  They are purple!
Wes dressed up as Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as part of an office theme.  But I didn't get any pictures.  And you know how much he looooves to dress up (not).


Kip said...

How come A isn't in costume? Just kidding ;-) If any of you had come to my ward Halloween party, I'm sure you would have won prizes. The mad scientist, Walt Disney, the pizza delivery man, Queen Elizabeth, the bumblebee, and the witch costumes are all winners! These costumes are all great! And I love the pizza box with the trick or treat bag attached. Pretty clever!

Jennette said...

Again, your kids have knocked it out of the park...absolutely fantastic costumes!! They all look fabulous!

Jennette said...

p.s. Adam showed up from work last night with a UPS hat in his hand. He bikes to/from work and he saw it on the side of the road so he brought it home. My first thought was, "That's Max's Halloween costume for next year!"...thinking of Isaac!