Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Those in Need

Our neighborhood (Stake) is collecting hats for a local homeless shelter and I wanted to find a way to involve my kids in making a contribution.  So we invited some friends over for Family Home Evening to make some fleece hats.  I found some fleece for sale on ksl.com for $1/yd!  My friend (who is the sewing expert) came up with the patterns.  It was a great project because almost every person had a job to do.
Here are the cutters:
Here are the sewers:
These girls' job was to cut threads from the finished hats.  The red hat is the adult design and the blue hat is the child design.

Here are the little girls who didn't have jobs - entertaining themselves.
Other people helped cut fringes:
Isaac's creative juices were flowing and he decided to fancy up a few of the hats with a flower.

Our pile of finished hats:  43 children's hats and 27 adult hats.  That is 70 hats!!
We had so much fun we decided it should be a yearly tradition!

Can't wait until next year!


Kip said...

A standing ovation for both fabulous families! What a great idea!

Jennette said...

Absolutely amazing. Amen to Kip's comment!