Friday, November 4, 2011

Celebrating the November Birthdays and Introducing Jasper!

A couple of weeks ago we met at Amy's to celebrate Kip and Jake's birthday.  Mom wore her traditional Halloween bat earrings.

Sadly, Amy's dog Brumby died about a month ago.  It was a very sad time for their family.  We were finally able to meet their new dog Jasper. He is a pretty cute dog - with a sweet personality.

The party started with some fun word games.

After a yummy dinner we played "toss the marshmallow in the bucket."  Sarah took a bite out of almost every one.  

Then we played a game..."What would you do in this horror movie situation?"

Then we played a game Nick created.  Thanks goodness they both have their glasses.

And then Amy emerged wearing a pink wig.
And everyone had to take a turn trying it on.

We let Jasper in to join the party.  Check out Weston's face in the background.

The party ended with some trick candles.
It was all quite random but very fun!

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