Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Updates

The kitchen is really coming together!  Counters went in on Wednesday.  We copied my cool cousin Julie's countertops - Caesarstone Lagos Blue.  It is mostly grey but has just enough warmth to tie in the wood floor.  And it has such a nice subtle texture (pattern?) - not too busy.  I love it. 

Lagos Blue

Appliances were installed on Friday.  It's starting to feel like a real kitchen!  
The Domsjo - Ikea's farmhouse sink.  Not sure what the "N" refers to - probably something in Swedish.  I haven't dared remove it!

Not only does the laundry room look better, it will be so much more efficient.  There is a space for coats, backpacks and shoes.
Still waiting for some door fronts.
I have been wanting these bar stools from Crate and Barrel for a long time.  So thrilled to finally have them!  And yes - they are too tall for the counter height but hey - my kids are small!  They sit on these stools 90% of the time and I don't want them to have to kneel.  
My new front door - still needs to be painted.
I know it's silly but this handle makes me so happy!
To match the new windows they replaced the window in the back door.  It was smaller and had grids.  We love the look of it now.

Although it seems like we are almost to the end there is still quite a bit to do - finish cabinets, backsplash, electrical, floors, paint, etc.  It's amazing how long this can drag on!  And then I have to begin the HUGE job of moving everything back in.  But I don't mean to complain.  We feel so lucky and are very happy with the results.


Kip said...

Looks fabulous, Emily! I can't wait to see it in person!

katik said...

Absolutely gorgeous! So glad for your sake that it's almost finished. Good work.

Julie said...

It's beautiful! I love it!!! You door make me happy too. Soon we will see it in person. We'll bring our own doorbell.

Challey said...

It looks soooo good! I am very envious at the moment. Very pretty. By the way, I am wondering where you got your front door. Love it!

Jennette said...

Looks so incredible! Looks like you're going to love it...I do!

Emily S. said...

Challey - we ordered the door through our contractor. The brand is Therma-tru. I know they sell the brand at Lowes. It is a fiberglass door.
A couple people asked about the living room couch...I ordered it through an interior designer. But the company is Stanford furniture out of North Carolina.

Diana Beck McCarty said...

Love, LOVE it all!! I wanted to copy Julie's countertops too. I still plan to in my next house :-)
It looks great Emily!

The Harrises said...

Wowie! Looks so clean and finished. I could sleep on your floor. Can't wait to see it in person which will be very soon!

hann said...

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Becca said...

Your house looks holy awesome!!!! Wow!

bar stools for less said...

Great idea... love em!