Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break in Sanibel - Other Activities

Still plowing through Sanibel pictures!  Got to get through them so I can post about the remodel updates and Easter.

Here are some photos of some of the other fun things we did on Sanibel.
Nothing feels better than a swim after a sandy day at the beach.  After hours at the beach and hours at the pool - we had little time for anything else!

Cate practiced and practiced and finally - she's a swimmer!
This is our screened lanai - looking out over the ocean.  Nice hat Wes!
There were very nice tennis courts.  We played a bit in the evenings while getting eaten by "noseeums" (sand flies).  They got me the worst!

One day we decided to take a dolphin cruise.
Here we are waiting to board the Lady Chadwick - our cruise ship.

As we were sailing out of the bay there were several manatees surfacing in the water.
And two pods of dolphins came to play in the wake of the ship.
Although this appears to be a private cruise (yeah right!) - there were actually lots of people on the boat.  Whenever a dolphin was spotted - everyone would scurry to one side of the ship and the boat would tip to that side.  Then after the dolphin swam away - the people would spread and the boat would become level again.  It was pretty funny.

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Julie said...

LOVE all your photos. Your family makes me smile!