Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break in Sanibel - The Beach

All we wanted to do was relax and get away from all of the stress of remodelling, carnival planning, life's responsibilities and a cold and snowy Utah Spring. Sanibel Island, Florida did not disappoint.

Sanibel is a little island off the Gulf coast of Florida - near Fort Myers.  My brother who lives in Pennsylvania has taken his family there the last few years and their experiences enticed us to discover it for ourselves.  It is small, quaint, down-to-earth, natural and quiet. No partying spring-breakers. Mostly families - grandparents and retirees hosting their grandkids for a week at the beach.

And oh did it feel good.
Here are many, many pictures of our days at the beach: 
The water was very warm.  That means that even I got in!
We went to the beach every day.  The condo (pictured in the building behind us to the Right) was fully stocked with beach equipment that we would carry out each day.  Most days we were the only people on the beach.
It seemed like a different beach every time we went.  The first day - the water was very calm and the kids loved splashing in the gentle waves.

The nets came in handy to catch small fish and shells (more about that later).
We sat in the shade relaxing and reading.
Other times we went - the winds had picked up and the waves were big enough for boogie boarding.

It was only a matter of time before Sarah was absolutely covered in sand.
Wes and Isaac discovered distinct layers of sand, shells, sand, shells, etc.

The skinosaur made an appearance.

Just for the record, that's me in the water carrying a boogie board.

Making sand angels.
Worn to a frazel (as my mom would say).

I took a ton of pictures! More posts to come: Shells, wildlife, swimming, tennis, dolphins, etc.


Kip said...

Looks like am AMAZING trip, Emily! You guys seem to have a great time wherever you go. I need to develop that gift. What am I doing in FL? Just sitting in my room and waiting for them to come and fix the tv. That and spending time on the internet. I did walk over to a nearby Italian restauraunt for dinner, but that's the extent of my adventure so far. Of course, I am here for work and not a vacation, but still. ;-)

Julie said...