Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Final Birthday Celebration

I'm not sure why but around here birthday celebrations seem to last all month long. On the last Monday in March we had one final celebration for Addie's 13th.  Since she shares a birthday with Grandpa Dave we always try to reserve a special time just with him. 

 For years there has been one thing Addie has asked for for her birthday. To go to Build-a-Bear. Well for one reason or another we never got around to it. Since all of the kids have mentioned it at one time or another we decided to take them all and get it over with. Cross that off the list!

First you get to choose your animal.  There are many to choose from - not just bears.  Sarah thought she was supposed to take one of each.

Touch decisions for the older two.
Then the animal is stuffed while you push down on a pedal.

Then they make a really big deal about putting a little heart in the animal before it is stuffed up.  Sarah is rubbing the heart against her cheek before she will place it in her bunny.

Once the animals are all stitched up - it's time to pick out an outfit.  Which of course meant more decisions to make.

Sarah immediately found some underwear to put on her bunny.

And then a dress.

The on-lookers.

The final products really reflected the kids.  Cate's cat wore a bejewelled tank and skirt, Sarah's bunny was pink and cute, Addie's bear sported a gymnastics t-shirt and Isaac's camo bear was dressed as a Jedi.
It wasn't cheap but at least we can say we've been there, done that. And of course, the kids absolutely loved it!


Julie said...

Oh boy. I'm so glad we're too old for that. Cute animals, though.

Ann Mitchell said...

I LOVE Build-A-Bear! I take my great niece's and nephews when they turn 3. Then, when they turn 6, they get to take their animal back for fluffing, and a new outfit!
My bear has an outfit for every holiday, plus a Jazz outfit and BYU football. So fun!!!

Jennette said...

Very cute. We get begged for a visit to that store, too! And I love that Addie still wanted a stuffed bear. I hope my 13yr olds are as sweet!