Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and Two Cute Dogs

We were lucky enough to have three Easter celebrations this past weekend.

Lucky for my kids, Aunt Amy hosted our family's Easter dinner/egg hunt this year.  Here are the girls lined up and ready to go!

We were a little low on Easter baskets this year since our storage room is so crowded with kitchen stuff and we couldn't reach the "Easter Box."  So I-man decided to make his own.

This is Brumby - Amy's dog.  He is huge and gentle as a lamb.
This is Gizmo - Terressa's dog.  Gizmo is eight weeks old and cute as can be!
This is the dogs' first encounter.  I am sad I missed the shot of them perfectly nose to nose!

Gizmo is Tess' baby.  She carries him around in a bag.

Gizmo's new family.

Happy Easter!
Other Easter celebrations included a fun dinner with Jan, Don and Eldine and lovely dinner and program with Dave and Connie.  Thanks to everyone for hosting us!  We feel kind of homeless being in the middle of this remodel.


The Harrises said...

Micah votes for the small dog, she keeps saying, "Sooo cute!" My vote would be the big one.

Jann Olson said...

Hi Emily,
I'm glad you ran across my blog. It was fun to read your comment. You have such a sweet family. Your remodel looks awesome! I'd love to see if when you are finished.