Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Lovely Niece Came for a Visit!

We were lucky enough to have my darling niece stay with us for the weekend. We decided to make the most of it! Unfortunately I only have some lousy pictures from my phone.

She spent the first day shadowing Wes at the hospital and clinic.  We were all jealous of that!
We had a fun girls' lunch
And then we all got manicures!
We celebrated the March birthdays

Addie got Wii dance for her birthday (man, I'm sore!).  Totally fun!
We went ice skating
SJ was having a blast with her skate aide (great invention!).  Even my Dad - who just turned 77 - took to the ice!  All was going well until I tried to skate ahead to take a picture of everybody - I fell and hit the ice hard.  I have a huge bruise on my elbow and a sore neck and hip.  Ouch! 
The fun isn't over yet! My niece will be here until Sunday but she is currently staying with other family members. It was wonderful having her in our home! She is such a lovely person, inside and out.


Elisabeth Edmonston Clark said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Emily! You all really know how to live life to the fullest - Micaela's going to miss being out there with her super-fun Utah family! Shawn, Miles and I just wish we were there to join the good times. And, by the way, your blog is totally awesome!

Julie said...

So much Fun! Happy B-day to Uncle Jon. Your family is truly inspirational!!