Friday, March 18, 2011

Fed Up With the Fitted Sheet

I promise I am not dumb but for years I have struggled with how to fold a fitted sheet.  To my mother's credit - she did teach me the gist of how to fold a fitted sheet but I never really got the hang of how to create a nicely folded fitted sheet that would stack perfectly above the matching flat sheet (this makes it sound like I am really organized - but I am not!).  Since we have had house guests two weekends in a row - I have been doing plenty of sheet folding,  Today I just got fed up.  So I did what I usually do when I am stumped...I turn to the internet - youtube to be specific.  I have found many wonderful tutorials on youtube (for example how to curl hair with a flat iron) and once more, I was not disappointed.  There were at least 10 (!) tutorials on how to fold fitted sheets and each one was just a tiny bit different.  This one was my favorite. This woman is very nice and gives lots of encouragement at the end of the tutorial:

Don't make fun! Maybe there are others out there that will benefit.


Kip said...

How great! I'm one who will benefit from you sharing this video. :-) I've never learned how to fold a fitted sheet, and it aggravates me everytime I try. Thanks for this, Emily!

Jessica said...

I have actually, recently said "How the heck are you suppose to fold a fitted sheet?!"

Jessica said...

This is rachael daley, I guess my cousin is still logged in. Oops.