Friday, March 25, 2011

The "Before" Pictures

Remember THIS POST? That very night the Bishopric stopped by and called me to be the Primary President.

Anyway - the day of demolition is fast approaching.  I wanted to post a few of the "before" pictures before the house is turned upside down.
Here is the living room.  That big pile of wood is our new floor.  It has to acclimate (dry out) for about 3 weeks.  The main changes we will see in this room will be the removal of the chair rail and baseboards, paint, and cased new windows.  Two French doors will also be added so we can close off this room.
The entryway.  The changes will include removal of the chair rail, new baseboards, paint and a new wood floor.
We are getting new vinyl windows to replace our very old and inefficient aluminum ones.  Our new windows will not have grids.  The windows will be cased and have a wood sill.  The chair rail will be removed throughout the entire main floor and we will be replacing the baseboards with a taller baseboard.
The kitchen/dining room.  This drop-down ceiling with the lovely tri-paneled fluorescent light will be removed (hooray!).  Several can lights will be added.
This pantry will be removed and some new cabinets built in along the entire wall.
Cabinets, countertops, appliances will be replaced.  There's that fluorescent light again! 
This area will be replaced and the configuration rearranged.  (No, I do not have 9 kids.)
This layout will pretty much be the same.  Wood floors will replace the linoleum.
Coat, backpack and shoe area will be moved to the laundry room.  Is that a basket of laundry on the floor?  Oops.  Sorry.
Half-bath counter and sink will be placed.
Family room.  Paint, windows, casing, chair rail, etc.  By the time this whole project is over - I can guarantee the carpet will need to be replaced too.
Yesterday and today the window guys worked in the snow and rain (yes it's Spring!) to replace the windows before demolition.  They installed half of the windows but decided to wait on the rest until the weather clears.  We are loving the clear windows! 

Monday is the big demo day! We are busy packing up the kitchen and everything else. I really hope we can survive this!


Anna said...

How exciting. I know someday we will be able to fix a house and have it how we like it, but for now don't mind if I'm a tad bit jealous. I think it is going to look great and can't wait to see all the progress.
Also where did you get your couch in your front room? I love it.
And.....I hope you are taking time to relax a little every day. Between all you have going on AND the new calling you must be one stressed out lady! You will be awesome as Primary President.
Good luck with your exciting, busy life!

Rachel said...

So excited for your new calling and all these awesome updates on your home! There are busy seasons and slow seasons... and this one is busy for you guys for sure :)

Challey said...

That is very exciting! I will be keeping a close eye on your progress! We are planning to redo our kitchen/great room area and front hall (any day now!!!). Keep posting pics!

The Harrises said...

Exciting! Big Plans! Better be done when we move out because I want to see it. Keep us posted with lots of pictures.

Jennette said...

So, so so excited to see how it all goes down. Like Anna, I'm a tad jealous too. You'll survive for sure--and thrive!!

Eugene said...

That's quite a lot of changes to make! The entire house is certainly going to have a serious makeover. I'm glad you got the windows replaced before the demolition. New windows can certainly change a lot for any house.

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