Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day

This is the last Christmas post - finally!

The aftermath of Christmas morning...Santa does not wrap his presents at our house.
 We then moved on to the wrapped gifts.  Addie made this hand-warmer for Isaac to use when he plays football.
 I gave Wes this book:

 Cate has always complained that she doesn't have a "baby book."  Yes - it's true.  So Addie and Isaac made her one.
 Some cool art supplies from Grandma Jan.  Hooray for Prismacolor!
 This was Isaac's gift to us that he made at school.  It's a brick.  I don't really get it but it's cute!
 Then the family came over for the traditional Christmas brunch and games.  Here we are playing Pictionary on the Wii - very fun game, by the way!

 I know it doesn't look like it but we really were having fun!

 This was Brian's attempt at drawing "diet."
 Litte Miss messy face.
 I-man painted this water-color Heron with a new art set he received from Grandpa Dave and Connie. 
 Addie figuring out the Rubix cube (one of the few things she asked for) with Papa asleep in the background.  (How did anyone solve the cube before youtube?!)
It was a wonderful holiday and a nice break from the busyness of life.  Unfortunately, reality hits tomorrow!  Ready or not!


Kip said...

What thoughtful gifts! It sounds like you actually listen to each other in your family. ;-)

Jennette said...

Holidays always look like such a good time at your house!

Julie said...

It was great to read all about your Christmas and I enjoyed all the photos. You guys are very serious pictionary players! Prismacolors are the best! Looks like you all scored on getting the most perfect gifts for each other. Wonderful!