Thursday, December 30, 2010

What We Really did on Christmas Eve...

By the time December 24th rolled around, we had attended two "Christmas Eve" celebrations - one with each side of our family. So it was pretty low-key at our house.
I-man made his famous (well, famous at our house anyway) french toast.
Papa read to Sarah Jane.
Cate read to Grandma.
We worked on our traditional Winter break puzzle.

After dinner we drove around to see the Christmas lights and then the kids came home to a treasure hunt to find their new pajamas.

Then it was off to bed so Santa could get busy!


Diana Beck McCarty said...

Wow! You guys are b.u.s.y.!!! Cannot imagine how you all kept going. Looks like everyone had a great time. Your kids are amazing.

Anna said...

I love all your Christmas posts, but especially the picture of Isaac making french toast. He looks so grown up and so capable. You guys are really doing such an amazing job with your kids. They are so accomplished and beautiful and well rounded.