Saturday, December 18, 2010

Traditional Christmas Tree Ornaments

My tree has been up for a while now but I did want to remember the ornaments the children received this year.
SJ received a Santa.  Turns out she's terrified of Santa.  Won't go near him.
Cate received a piano.  The little keyboard cover actually opens and closes - cute!
I-man received a cello.  He has been playing for two and a half years now and absolutely loves it.

Yep.  She's still collecting frogs.  She has well over 1,000 by now.
Merry Christmas!!!


Kip said...

You've got the photo problem solved. Looks great, Em!

Jennette said...

Such a great tradition! Another year of super cute ornaments. And it looks like you got the photo problem solved, too. Congrats all around!

Ann Mitchell said...

I got a Princess and the Frog ornament for my Disney...with over 400 Disney ornaments! (Also, about 2 dz Jazz ornaments!)

Julie said...

Those faces are just so darn cute, it is hard to notice the ornaments! What a fun tradition!