Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here's hoping for a "Good Christmas"

A couple of mornings ago, we woke up to this cute card on our kitchen counter (click to enlarge):
"Dear Family,
I am just trying to start a good Christmas.  I hope you all like your gifts when you open them on Christmas morning.  And I just hope that 3 ships won't come crashing through our house.
Merry Christmas

We then discovered our "gifts" wrapped in Kleenex under the tree.

Click HERE if you are confused about the "3 ships."


Anna said...

I love the bit about the three ships. What a terrific kid!

Julie said...

He sits on a solid foundation! Good Christmas to you too. I'm starting to get the true meaning. . . and then some. So sorry you've been sick. Brett and Meredith have gotten it. Ruby said it's spreading around her school. I'm glad you decided to put away some of the decor. That is how it goes, sometimes. And it's okay! Sorry that larger photo thing is not working. Blogger is frustrating.

Jennette said...

So clever! Very fun.

MollyE said...

That is so sweet!!

kellykumquat said...

Oh, man! I had a laugh! I love love love the sincerity of a child!