Friday, December 24, 2010

Fitting the Birthday in Before Christmas...

We celebrated Weston's birthday this week!! 38 years old - unbelievable!

His first birthday greetings came from two mystery visitors at work. He thought I had something to do with these two women (our neighbors) dressing up and showing up at his office to sing to him. But no. They did it completely on their own. I guess it's their tradition.  Definitely unexpected!!!
The day of his birthday started off with a trip to the slopes for some skiing. We put the three oldest kids in some lessons and we had two hours to ski alone. Fun, fun, fun! The kids had a blast too.

Grandma Jan was nice enough to entertain Sarah Jane while we were skiing. They made a nice birthday lunch and birthday cake for Wes.  It was wonderful to come home to some warm soup and hot chocolate!

38 candles on the cake!

But wait - the celebration didn't stop there! 
 That night I took him out to dinner and to see Tron - IMAX 3D.
Even though it was cheesy and definitely over-the-top, I liked this movie. 
 Maybe it was just because I was happy.  Happy after a great day and happy to be with the love of my life on his very special day.    

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Jennette said...

Happy Birthday Wes! That looks like one awesome day.