Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Celebration 2010 - The First Half

Our traditional Christmas Eve celebration has been pretty much the same since long before I was born. Except now the faces are different...
My parents home is always decorated beautifully and welcomes us with a warm, crackling fire.  And the family makes the scene complete.
Addie is now lucky enough to be a student in Aunt Amy's dance class.  Learning from the best!
N brought his girlfriend.  Wow - is he that old?!

The official welcome and prayer...
The yummy buffet!  Against the backdrop of my mom's Santa collection.

This Santa is checking his list of children's names.  This goes back to when my older siblings and neighbor friends were children.  My name and my kids' names have been added through the years.
This has been my parents' Christmas tree for the last couple of years.

After the delicious meal, it's time for the rest of the celebration!

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Julie said...

These photos are wonderful! I have checked Santa's list - the very one pictured here, and my name is there!!