Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Busy Month

Lots of things have been happening.  I can't post about each one.  And I have only carried around my video camera with me so no great pictures to post.  But this definitely has been one busy month to remember!

1.  November wrapped up with Isaac's cello recital.  He played two Christmas songs with his teacher and fellow students.

2.  December began with Cate's dance performance at the Festival of Trees.  She's the second child from the right.
3.  We attended two different concerts for Addie's Junior High activities - choir and dance.  That brought back memories for sure.  Although I am pretty sure her middle school is about ten times better than Dixon was. 

4.  Addie was invited by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) to perform at their Christmas luncheon.  The morning of the performance, Addie's voice teacher called to say that she was sick with a stomach virus and would not be able to perform at a DUP meeting she had been asked to sing at.  The meeting was that very same time, that very same day.  Would Addie fill in?  She did and ended up doing back to back performances of Christmas songs for two different chapters of grateful Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

5.  Cate sang "The Star of Bethlehem" at her vocal recital.
6.  Isaac and Cate participated in the "Christmas Sing" at their elementary school.

7.  Isaac has been taking a breakdancing class and we went as a family to watch his demonstration.  It was pretty sick (that's slang for "it was pretty great").
8.  We then rushed to a nursing home in the area where Addie and Isaac performed together - Addie singing and Isaac playing the cello.  The song was "Gesu Bambino".

9.  Sunday, Isaac played a cello duet in Sacrament meeting and was then asked to play impromptu for his Sunday School class.  He and Addie then played "Gesu Bambino" for the Young Women's Christmas program.

10.  Later that day was Grandpa Dave and Connie's Christmas party.  All of the kids did repeats of the performances they have been doing all month.  And Sarah Jane even sang "Jingle Bells!"

11.  The next day our family attended the "Empty Nesters" Christmas party.  Our nest is far from being empty but they asked our family to provide some musical entertainment for the event.  So the kids performed their musical numbers again and it turned out to be a wonderful evening.

12.  We have one more occasion for the kids to share their talents (Christmas Eve at Grandma's house) and then the kids will take a well-deserved break.

I tried to post some videos but blogger was giving me trouble.  I will try another time... 

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Jennette said...

I am continually impressed at how active and engaged your family is in so many activities. I love it! Looking forward to the videos when you can get them to post.