Sunday, November 21, 2010

Botanical Art Show by Janet Beck Clark

Artist Statement
Janet Beck Clark

My enthusiasm for nature goes back to my childhood, when my biologist father was always calling attention to birds, insects, and a variety of wildflowers. He wanted me to notice them, as well as know their names.

After I was married and had several young children, that interest was rekindled. Pressing plants became a family hobby after my father gave us a plant press—a tool of botanists and nature lovers. Preserving botanicals this way has been done for centuries. Scientists have found that even today, pressed plant specimens provide a more accurate record than even the most expensive camera.

I have found that gathering and preparing plants for pressing gives me an intimate look at what’s going on “out there.” Discovering the habitats, colors, textures, intricate patterns, and elegant forms are just some of the benefits of plant involvement. And a properly pressed plant can last for centuries.

Plant diversity in Utah is remarkable. Exhibit specimens are collected from deserts, forests, fields, and mountainsides. Cultivated garden varieties are included as well. Each plant expresses nature’s incredible colors and designs. Aristotle once noted, “Art takes nature as its model.”

Also, I couldn’t resist sharing some unique information about each tree, fern, and flower. Included by each arrangement are their delightfully descriptive names, historic uses, and folklore. As the Roman natural historian Pliny once observed: “. . . Nature, there is none of her works that is unworthy of our consideration.”

Botanical Art Exhibits—Past and Present

My first major showing was at Gallery One Ten (Provo)—a very successful one-woman show. Currently, my botanical art is being exhibited at Authentique Gallery (St George), Sundance Gallery (Sundance Resort), and shortly at Repartee Gallery (Bountiful).

My botanical collections have also been featured in fine stores and designer showrooms across the country. And for several years, some of my framed botanicals hung on Martha Stewart’s dining room wall and were part of the set for her popular television show.  My work has also been referenced on the well known blogs Poppytalk and Design Mom.

Each botanical is custom framed in acid-free, museum quality mats.

An invitation with the location of the art show can be emailed to anyone who is interested.  Just let me know.  Thank you!


Anna said...

I am sure I won't make it, but how can I browse the selection and possibly purchase one?????

Emily S. said...

Hey Anna - Wish you could be there ! I don't have photos of the selection. The photos I posted are just samples. Everything is one of a kind. Sorry. There might be a possibility of having something comissioned if there is a particular botanical you really like. Be in touch.

Anna said...

I will be in touch! I love them and this time I want to be sure to get one!

Kris Olson said...

Beautiful! I would love to come. I have been looking for some things for my house!Thanks for the invite!

katik said...

I love your mom's work. Will you send me an invite? Thanks Emily!