Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 - The Costumes

The little bumblebee. Really it was a miracle we got her to wear this. She started crying after we put on her tights. But she finally caught the vision and loved it in the end.

Of course the gypsy had no issues about wearing her costume! Dress-ups and make-up - it doesn't get any better than that for her!

Mr. "I hate to dress up" gave in and went to work dressed as a skeleton (without the scary mask).
The UPS man. He came up with the idea and my very talented sister Amy made it for him. It was darling and definitely one of the favorites this year. (It was his idea to use the box for his trick-or-treat container.) Wish I had better pictures!!!

She debated up until the night before whether 7th graders still wore costumes to school. At last minute it was decided she would be an aerobics instructor from the 1980's. She looked darling!

Grandma and Papa came to watch the Halloween parade. Can you see my mom's cool bat earrings?


Diana Beck McCarty said...

Oh how darling they all are!!! You guys always, always do he best costumes.

Kip said...

Love all the costumes! Would have loved to see them in person. What do you mean Wes hates to dress up?! Are you sure?! ;-)

Jennette said...

Those costumes are all fantastic! I don't think I can choose a favorite this year. Well done!