Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Filling the Void

Introducing our new kittens:


and Millie

(By the way, I-man was just elected to be his 4th grade class president!!)


Anna said...

They are very cute.

Tess said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! Can't wait to see them in person, give them a kiss for me!

katik said...

Darling kitties and congrats to I-Man!

Diana said...

Millie is super cute! I am sorry that the 2 others are gone. I hope these guys are just as good for you:)

Jennette said...

oHHH. They are so cute!! It's so sad to have lost the others, but these look like they'll have no problem being loved around your house. Congrats to your new Pres. as well!