Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birdwatching with Mr. Webb

Wes, Addie, Isaac and I joined in on a Bean Museum "nature experienceship" last Saturday. We didn't want to miss it ! Because it was birdwatching with Mr. Webb.

It was a beautiful fall day and of course my pictures don't quite capture the lovely changing colors.

Mr. Webb. I still have a hard time calling him by his first name. His excitement for birding is contagious and he has this great way of making people feel extra smart! Spotting a magpie is like we've discovered some rare species! You should have seen how impressed he was when Addie identified a flock of flying pelicans. His talent for teaching is outstanding.

In addition to seeing about 15 different species of birds, we also saw lots of other cool stuff. The kids got busy catching frogs.

Setting the scope on a flock of cattle egrets.
Kip was there too which always adds to the fun.

A beaver lodge.
A flock of killdeer.

Mr. Webb attempting to call out the warblers. He's "wooshing." Gotta love him.

My good friend Katy is over education at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. She told me about some great nature experienceships to look forward to. Here is the link to check it out! I also hear there will be eagle watching (with Mr. Webb) this Winter and an insect collecting outing in the Spring. I love the Bean Museum.

And thanks to my parents for providing lots of fun for the little girls so we could go on this outing. Their day included the Bean Museum, a picnic, the playground and washing the car with Papa. They had a blast!


BrianJ said...

Totally and completely jealous!

Anna said...

Some day you are going to be able to look back and say, "We were awesome parents!" Look at what awesome things you are doing with your kids. I wish we could have gone. Looks amazing.