Monday, January 25, 2010

The January Slump

It is not uncommon to feel a sort of "slump" in January. I feel it (note the lack of blog posts). My kids feel it. A good friend shared a few ideas on how she is "defeating January." It inspired to me to focus on things I can do for myself and for my family to make this dreary month just a little more tolerable. The month is almost over but we still have February to get through!

1. Washed my car! Nothing says Jan/Feb in Utah like a car covered in grey filth. Having a shiny, clean car was very refreshing.

2. I bought an electric juicer. My family loves fresh-squeezed orange juice and my cute little juicer from Anthropologie just wasn't cutting it.

I finally broke down and bought an electric juicer. Only $14.88 at Walmart! I made 32 oz. of fresh squeezed orange juice in about 15 minutes. How else can we expect to get through those boxes of oranges from Costco?!

3. Planned a girls night out. We ended up inviting the guys to join us for dinner and then we went alone to see Leap Year. It is your typical chick flick. Kind of silly and completely unrealistic. But I still thought it was cute and romantic. Harmless.

4. Fresh flowers. My mother-in-law brought me a lovely bouquet of tulips just this evening. It is definitely going to brighten my days!

5. Nacho Libre. This has been a recent discovery of my kids and is quoted non-stop at our house.

6. Cranford. A Netflix rental just for me. That has been my late-night indulgence. It took me a long time to finally force myself to watch it - but I am really enjoying it. It is very charming.

Things will pick up around here once we hit February. We've got two birthdays, Valentine's Day, the 6th grade Valentines dance, a St. George get-away, and the school play to look forward to!


Rachel said...

I keep delaying washing my car because the next storm is always on the way. So I've been feeling bad about my car for weeks!

I'm going to wash it this morning.

Love the ideas... only five more days...

Nellie said...

Is that what's wrong with me? I have been feeling so blah lately. And it is sunny and sort-of warmish here, too. C'mon spring!!

The Harrises said...

All good ideas! I just bought me some new pans to feel good about myself too.

Would Mat watch Cranford with me? He watched Gilmore girls, and liked it!

Julie said...

I loved Cranford. I treat worth indulging in, but requires patience. All good things do, right?
January blues with nothing to do. That is happening at our house too.

kellykumquat said...

Hey Emily! Our fav quote from Nacho Libre (if you can have a fav they're all so good)is"You too can wear stretchy pants"! Gotta love it!

Anna said...

How have you been liking the new Emma. I have been LOVING it.

Nikki said...

Did you see Return to Cranford on Masterpiece Theater?! Loved it! And the new Emma. And the re-run of Persuasion. I'm hooked. :)