Sunday, January 17, 2010

Greek Feast

Addie has been studying Greece at school. After tasting some Greek food she came home one day requesting that we have a Greek dinner. It felt like it was about time to have a party anyway. So that's just what we did!
She made fliers:

We spent a lot of the day in the kitchen preparing traditional Greek foods:

The Greek goddess arrived:

There was an art show/sale before dinner:

Then we had a Greek feast with Gyros, chicken and potatoes, Spanakopita (spinach pie), Oia Greek salad, and Ambrosia salad (not exactly Greek food but otherwise known as the "food of the Gods")!

Grandma shared some photos of her trip to Greece:

We played a board game Addie created for her school project. "Beat the Gods!"

We then had a trivia quiz, "Who's the Greek Geek?"

And for dessert? Kip made baklava and Addie made a Greek orange cake. Delicious!!

These were all new recipes for me - and they turned out great! I will try to post them soon. With the Olympics coming up - it's the perfect excuse to have a Greek feast of your own!


Kip said...
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Rachel said...

Love this!

Julie said...

Inspirational! And mouth-watering. The Greek goddess, the immortal. Truly, she is! Beautiful.

Chris W. said...

Adorable! What a great way to extend what they are learning in school!

Anna said...

How incredibly fun!!! What a clever girl you have.

I love greek food. Every new year's my fam does a big Greek feast. Delicious!!!

Kip said...

This was such a great idea! The food was delicious and the activities were all fun, especially the quiz ;-) Since I arrived late, I didn't know that the kids were as involved as they were in all the planning and preparations. Kudos to them for their contributions and thanks to you and Wes for all you did.

The Harrises said...

That baklava looks to die for. It's so flaky! What a great idea and the the Greek Goddess was great to share her pictures from her trip. I think she is so pretty. One tight family, I am telling you.

Nellie said...

I am quite sure I say this everytime I leave a comment- you guys are the coolest people I know, and to try to have a tiny bit of your coolness, we have been enjoying "Wild China" from Netflix. Very cool stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!!

katik said...

Amazing! So impressed with your girl. We do a big Greek dinner for my mom's birthday every year and it's delicious but so much work. Love it that A's love of learning goes well beyond the classroom.