Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Review

Another whirlwind of a weekend!

Friday night we put our loyalties aside and cheered the lady Utes at a gymnastics meet. They handed out really cool light sticks that turned blue and red. The lady sitting in front of us told her kids that they were NOT allowed to turn those sticks to blue. "No blue is allowed in this stadium", she said! Good thing she was ignorant of the fact there were cougars sitting behind her! We went with Eliott and Carlee and had a great time. The gymnasts were amazing!

Saturday morning was spent doing jobs and then we headed to the Harley Davidson store in Lindon for lunch. Have you been? This place is awesome! Just seeing the building is worth the visit. It is made from parts and pieces of Geneva Steel. It is fantastic! We had sliders for lunch at their little cafe and in case you were wondering, it is totally family friendly. Pretty tasty too!

Saturday afternoon was "cousins day" at Dave and Connie's for the kids. First they went to the BYU Museum of Art to see the Walter Wick exhibit. Walter Wick is the creator of the I Spy books which my kids love! The exhibit sounded really cool and included some of his 3D models that he pictures in his books. I am jealous I didn't get to see it. Luckily Dave and Connie and the kids created their own "I Spy" exhibit for us to view at their home. What a great idea! Can you spy 2 pez dispensers, 3 pretty ponies, 1 sword, the letter "R", the letter "S"...

And the fun didn't end there! They made homemade pretzels which we all enjoyed warm with honey butter. Talk about a fun day for the kids - many thanks to Dave and Connie. What did we do sans the children? Errands. Not too exciting.

Saturday evening was spent with some of our dear friends from the days of residency. It was great to catch up and let the kids get reacquainted. I don't know what we would do without all of the wonderful friends we have made along life's journey.

Sunday was far from the day of rest we needed. Sharing time, choir practice, friends over for dinner and pioneer trek meeting. Whew!

Today we push forward with laundry and catching up around the house. This afternoon we are headed up to the Totally Frogs exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. If you know our Addie at all - you will know why we could NOT miss this exhibit.

Tomorrow's agenda? Take a nap.


Julie said...

You motivate me to get out and have fun! What a great idea - the I Spy set-up. Can't wait to hear about the frogs.

Anna said...

I have heard the Wick exhibit is incredible. Did you get to see the Japanese prints exhibit it replaced? That was spectacular. I also hear the new southwest exhibit is wonderful. I think maybe on Saturday I will head down. Or Friday.
Sounds like a great weekend. ( I am calling you this week so we can set a time to get together.)