Friday, March 20, 2009

Looking Back...March 2005

One of our favorite places to visit in California was the Picchetti Ranch. At the entrance was a small winery with some beautiful old buildings and peacocks walking around. We loved to hike along the trails looking for banana slugs and salamanders. There was a small pond where we looked for frogs, ducks and other wildlife.

On one of our visits in the Spring we happened upon a couple of frogs mating and laying a long string of eggs in the pond. We collected some eggs in our water bottle to see if we could hatch these eggs at home. As Addie's science fair was approaching we thought this could be the perfect project. We kept the eggs in chlorine-free water and boiled lettuce to feed them once they hatched. We observed the eggs as they slowly turned into tadpoles and grew tiny legs. We were curious to see if the eggs back at the pond had developed at about the same rate as our tadpoles and to see if we could catch some at different stages. Wes took the kids back to pond and found thousands of frogs the size of your thumbnail hopping everywhere! He said that everywhere they stepped there were frogs jumping to get out of the way.

Some of our tadpoles did grow into frogs and some of them disappeared (frog cannibalism???). But it turned out to be a great science fair project and all of the kids had a great time. And I think I now see the beginning of Addie's obsession with frogs!


Julie said...

How wonderful! I miss those days when your kids were that size. Time passes so quickly.

The Harrises said...

Eww! I remember those banana slugs. They're kind of cool in a freakish sort of way. It's fun to see your kids so young again. It makes it seem like we haven't lost so much time.

Anna said...

We saw some banana slugs when we hiked in Oregon. Pretty cool.