Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday at the Roller Rink

We took our birthday girl and some of her friends to go roller skating last night. It was a blast! We had pizza and drinks and the girls could rent skates, roller blades or scooters (or bring their own). Isaac skated like a pro even though it was his first time and even Cate could make it around the rink with help. She couldn't restrain herself with all of that awesome music - she just had to start groovin'! Wes and I also donned some skates and seemed to remember it being a little easier back in the day. (I couldn't believe the memories from elementary school that came flooding back in my mind! The very same roller rink.)
Here she is a couple days shy of being 11 years old. My how the time flies!
What a kid. I don't know what I would do without her!

My mom is still in the hospital but is improving. Thank you so much for your kind sentiments.


Anna said...

I hope your mom is still improving. I was thinking about you guys today and hoping everything is okay.

What a fun party. We go for school skate nights sometimes and I don't know how I used to be so agile on skates. I can't believe A is 11! Time really does fly.

The Foxes said...

From what Nevada said about it (and keeps saying!), it sounded like a great party! Thanks for inviting her, you guys are great!