Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wendover Whilrwind

Wes got a lucky last minute invitation to go see Styx in concert Saturday night. He and two friends drove to Wendover for some quick dinner and the show. The coolest thing is that one of his friends (who writes concert reviews for a living - awesome!) is on a first name basis with the band members so after the concert they got to go backstage and meet them. Here is a really fuzzy photo of Wes and T0mmy Shaw - the lead singer. Pretty cool, huh?


Julie said...

What a moment in time! Who took that fuzzy photo? Wes is so cool.

Becca said...

How cool for Wes. "tonight's the night we'll make history!" That's the only Styx song I know.

I have been thinking about you too lately Em. I just wrote about when we became friends in my personal history. Lots of good memories.

Addie is so cute with her science project. Cool!

Carrie Anne said...

oh that is cool!:) i love how into science you & wes are & how that has been passed onto your children...very cool! i need to get over to byu way more often...thanks for sharing those ideas of what you went to see!
we are moving into that old house on 200 E. where jamie emery's ex-husband just moved out the other ward which is a bummer, but we need more space for our family!:)