Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Derby

One of those rites of passage, I guess. The Pinewood Derby. I-man couldn't have been more thrilled.

This was his design

The initial paint job

It takes a steady hand to paint the control panel

The finished product. See the little driver? His car won the award for the "Best Paint Job"

Off to the races!

He was kind of bummed that his car wasn't one of the top four but he certainly had a great time!


Anna said...

I was just thinking (stressing) about the pinewood derby the other day. Tucker still has a year to go before he is in scouts, but I had to go to a pack meeting which got me thinking.
My Dad and brother always went up to the BYU workshop in my Dad's building and made the most amazing pinewood derby cars. How am I going to help Tucker make a cool car? I don't know how to do those kinds of worries me.
Now I know. We will call I-man for advice!

Julie said...

Oh yes! What fun. Max came away with 2nd prize because of a technicality, but his car WAS the fastest. We will never live it down.

The Harrises said...

Hired! He can come paint my car. I noticed you had the germ X sanitizing out on the counter. I hope it's keeping the bugs away.

Darren and Chrissy said...

We did the same thing last week. I think it's just as exciting for dad as it is for the scout! The boys were sanding and painting and making a mess all over the kitchen, but I can't complain when there is that type of male bonding going on! Brad took 4th, but was a pretty good sport about it. We told him all week that it's not a matter of if you win or lose, but just the fun of making the car. (HA!)

Jennette said...

Yes, very cool design! My Max is starting scouts in one week and he couldn't be more thrilled.
However, I already know that his dad will be pushing for efficiency over design. We had to be involved in a pinewood derby a few years ago and Adam actually machined specially (and exactly weighted) pieces of metal to be inserted in the car at the right points for speed. Yes, it was a very ugly car (as they go) but he won first place in every race.

Becca said...

Ah the pinewood Derby. Is it a good thong or a bad thing? I think the church does a good job of not making it too competitive, but mostly fun for the boys.