Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dialogue of the Birthday Party

Grandma Jan and Great-Grandma Eldine were nice enough to provide a wonderful dinner for the party - cake and all!
"Happy Birthday to you!"
"Kids! Come help me blow the candles out!"
"Hey Grandma - truth or dare?!"
"Jump!" Anyone who knows Wes knows he likes to jump over things - cars, garbage cans, the kids (!), countertops, etc. The kids are in training.
"I love your drawing of The Three Amigos movie!"
"...and the bike tool!"
"Thanks Isaac!"
"Non-skid kneepads! Just what I wanted!"
"Thanks Addie!"
"100 Grand! My favorite candy bar!"
"Thanks Cate!"
"Want a piece of me?!" Eliott surprised Wes with his old Rambo knife from their childhood days. He was thrilled!
"Here you go Addie - you can play with this blade..."
"A picture of Moonbeam's kittens! Is this the picture of them licking up a chemical spill in the basement?"Thanks for a great party everybody!


The Barton's said...

Great pics I should have taken a pic of my brownies. LOL. See ya at work!!!

Design Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Weston! You're one of our favorite people. Love, the Blairs

The Harrises said...

I'm sure there was lots more that was said....You are a fun family to hang out with. I enjoyed your Christmas Eve pictures too.