Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas "Eve" - 2008

We had our annual Christmas Eve party at my mom's house again this year. Another wonderful event with delicious food, fun and meaningful activities and time spent with my favorite people in the world.

Addie eyeing the presents. Look closely and you can see my parents' Christmas tree in the foreground. Yes - their tree was a little sparse this year but it definitely made an impression. Cate kept asking, "But Grandma, where is your real Christmas tree?"

The theme of the program this year was "Gifts." Papa spoke to us about the gifts of the three wise men - gold, frankincense and myrrh and he showed us examples of each and told us why they were so valuable. It was really neat!

Then we received our own container of the three gifts to take home! Cool!
"We Three Kings!"
As part of Christmas this year, my parents gave each grandchild a small amount of money that they were to spend on some sort of service to someone less fortunate. Then each child told about what they did - some donated to charity and some gave secret presents to classmates that needed a friend. It turned out to be a very nice experience for them
Grandma talked about how gifts don't have to be expensive and how some of her most treasured gifts are drawings that the grandchildren made for her, stories they wrote or these two rocks that Jack and Cate gave her at our summer family reunion.

Isaac sang "Away in a Manger" and accompanied himself on the autoharp. "Jingle Bells!" accompanied by J on the drums.
Addie sang while Cate danced a fuzzy dance (sorry). She was completely oblivious when SJ joined in.

Another sweet nativity scene.
She loved being Mary and told me firmly after it was over, "I am not ready to change into my clothes!"

Merry Christmas!


Diana said...

Looks like a fantastic celebration. I really do miss our childhood Christmas fun!

Jennette said...

Wonderful evening! It makes me miss being by my own family at Christmas. I treasure my own memories of family Christmas Eves like this one.

Becca said...

That was too wonderful to go through your last post. I could feel the evening through your pictures. Are the kids well behaved during the presentation? It seems like they would be because your parents make it so interesting for them. And I love Weston's birthday post. The little things of life make for the most interesting and enjoyable show.

Julie said...

Love the photos and all the details you shared. Wow. Awesome!

I had to click on the photo to see your parent's Christmas tree. Sweet! And the presents, wrapped with confidence and flare. Wow again.

C. looks like a teenager. Maybe it's that perfectly straight hair.