Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Little Musicians

The kids turned in their submissions for the Reflections contest today. I think they did a pretty great job! The theme was "Wow!"

Click on the link below to hear A's composition entitled, "The Grand Canyon" (This might be a little confusing but once you get to the page, look for the "audio files." Then just click on where it says "703KB" under the word "WAVE." It should play on your media player).

photo from

Clink on the link below to hear I's composition entitled, "Dawn and Sunset" (in this case click on "428KB" under the word "WAVE." I am sorry I am not smart enough to embed the file right into my post. Can anyone tell me how to do that?)

photo from

The kids composed the pieces, but it is actually me playing the piano for the recordings.

I-man also submitted a sketch entitled, "Mt. Rushmore" that was really cute. I will have to get a picture of that later to post.


Anna said...

Well done I and A!!!
Lucy started piano last month. I hope she will stick with it.

The Harrises said...

That's pretty cool. Did you just whip that up last night?

I liked the pictures that went with it.

Emily S. said...

No - the kids have been working this for a while. We recorded it earlier this week and yesterday I finally figured how to post them to the blog

Sadie said...

WOW! It goes with the theme perfectly. Good job A and I.

Becca said...

I would love to hear more details on how they composed. Did they play the meodys or sing them to you? Truly beautiful!