Friday, November 21, 2008

Delightful Theater Experience...

This only goes until the end of November but if you have any interest at all - GO SEE IT! We took our older three last night and we were absolutely delighted! The talent was amazing and even though it was a done in a small theater-in-the-round, the staging and sets were really cool and creative. I think it helped that we were familiar with the music and the story but even if you are not - it is still worth seeing. The second half was a little slower than the first and it did go a full three hours so keep that in mind. Ages 5 and up are allowed in the theater so this was a really exciting thing for Cate as normally she is not old enough to attend these types of performances.
Showing at the Hale Center Theater in West Valley.


Julie said...

We saw it, and it was great! We were not even familiar with the story or the music, but we loved it anyway. It was a bit long, though. I am surprised C. made it through.

Rupunzel's prince played Gaston in your Alpine Beauty & the Beast.

Kati and Jon said...

I LOVE Into the Woods! Wish we could go . . . wish my baby would take a bottle:). Glad you had a fabulous time!