Monday, November 24, 2008

C0ldplay Once Again!

Saturday night was the long-awaited C0ldplay concert! Wes was torn because he was missing the big red/blue football game but he was able to catch bits and pieces on the radio and at the restaurant. It sounds like he was better off not watching it anyway!

We went with our great friends Rob and Anna and had a blast! We did have a little adventure at the restaurant. Wes took a bite of the walnut shrimp and after biting down on something very hard - he pulled a rock out of his mouth! A rock! He had actually bitten a piece off the rock and it had chipped his molar! Our waitress got the manager and he was so apologetic. He offered to pay for any dental bills, took the walnut shrimp off our bill and paid for two yummy desserts. Random! (that is the rock on his tongue)

On to the concert! The opening band wasn't bad but then there was this guy with a synthesizer thing that played techno club music with psychedelic animation going on in the background for about 20 minutes straight! It was almost torture! But it was worth it because when C0ldplay started it was definitely worth waiting for! Totally awesome concert!

We were kind of bummed because at one point they actually came into the audience and they were exactly where we were sitting - just on the opposite side! If only...!
I didn't have my camera so I stole some pictures from Anna's blog. Thanks guys for a fun-filled evening!


Anna said...

It was so fun, Im glad we got to go together. I love coldplay even more now, if that is possible.

The Harrises said...

Ouch! The whole rock thing makes me cringe. I'm glad they were so nice.
We just grabbed a Christmas song by Cold play, a remake, oh what's the title...I'll sing it.... Oh I can't remember if I'm getting it right wait.."2,000 miiiiles away, is very far, it must be Christmastime". Sorry that's all I can give you. Did you know Gwyneth Paltrow used to be a back up singer in another band. I'd secretly hope that if I went to their concert, she would be his back up singer.