Saturday, October 18, 2008

This Never Happened With My First Three!!!

We try our hardest to keep her away from the markers! At least she doesn't take the marker to the wall or the couch!
Daddy was in charge when this happened

This time was due to my neglect

Look at my hand, Mom!


Where's your nose, Sarah?


sheryl said...

I love it! I must show the pictures of the mishaps with my children. Lipstick all over the place. Toothpaste smeared all over the mirror and bathroom (smelled good) and many others.

Diana said...

She looks so grown up! Wow.
Hope those are the washable variety of marker :-)

Anna said...

Hmmm, I seem to be going through something similar with Clara. 4th child neglect?? 4th child assertiveness?? funny.

Melissa said...

How did it not happen with your others?! You must be a really good mom then! Asher loves to draw with anything and always gets it on her!!

Julie said...

Ah-oh. Are they washable? She picked a pretty color to match her eyes!

brooke said...

She looks so cute! I haven't experienced that myself (yet), instead Hannah likes to put stickers all over everything!