Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looking Back...Halloween 2004 - 2007

Looking back to Halloweens past...

The Tin Man (4 yrs old)

Dorothy (6 1/2 yrs old)

The Munchkin (1 yr old)

The Gypsy (7 1/2 yrs old) and the Pirate (5 yrs old)

The....Princess? (2 yrs old) The little skirt was all we could get her to wear. Funny, because nowadays we can't get her out of a costume!

The Chef (6 yrs old) and the Witch (8 1/2 yrs old)

The Princess - again (3 yrs old). I don't know where we got it but I swear she wore this dress every day for a year.

The pregnant Statue of Liberty


The Bat (7 yrs old) and the Scorceress (9 1/2 yrs old)

The Fairy (4 yrs old)

The Cupcake - this was her intended costume but it was too hard to trick-or-treat in

You can read more about Halloween 2007 here.

Hmmm...I wonder what this year will bring!


Anna said...

That cupcake is very cute. And I also love the tinman. Very creative costumes.

Julie said...

You guys are the best at costumes! I admire you so much for that- Halloween being my favorite holiday.

Diana said...

You have the best ideas for costumes! How do you do it year after year??

Jennette said...

So creative!! I love them. This is a great retrospective, and I can't wait to see this year's addition to the costume gallery.