Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Review - Part 1: The Time Capsule

Eight years ago in 2002 we buried a time capsule with my family. On Saturday morning we dug it up! Here is our morning hike:
Ski poles helped Grandma make the hike. She did great!

Getting ready to dig

SJ looks on. Both Cate and SJ were just twinkles in our eyes when we buried this capsule.

The Treasure! (that's what the kids called it)

Each family filled their own little capsule

Our capsule included pictures, little toys, and a written history of our little family. We just had Addie and Isaac and Wes was in his last year of medical school in Pennsylvania.

Amy had mostly family artwork, Kip had something from his work and Grandma was smart enough to put money in hers!

It really was a treasure afterall!

Cate was thrilled to receive the fake family jewels!

We left thinking of all the things we wanted to include for our next time capsule!


Diana said...

That is such a fantastic idea!

Nellie said...

VERY cool family! I am amazed by all the things you all manage to do together -- thanks for sharing. When I grow up, I want to be just like you, EM!!

Julie said...

Super cool! Your mom looks great!!

Anna said...

Your family should write a book about cool family activities and projects. I'm serious.

What a fun thing to do.

MollyE said...

that is such fun idea, especially the money part! I love that you had to hike to get there too instead of it just being in your backyard or something.

Jen said...

What a fun idea! I think we'll copy you! How did you pick where to bury it?

Jme said...

This has inspired me to do this with my family! What a great idea!