Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of a Kind: I-man

I would like to take a moment to reflect on my birthday kids.

Isaac is truly one of a kind. I can't even count how many times people have told us this or something similar to it like "he is a gem!" or "he is a gift!" We always respond, "We know! And he just came that way!" I can honestly say that I felt his goodness the first night in the hospital after he was born. Isaac is kind, thoughtful, selfless, obedient, sensitive, respectful, wise beyond his years, etc., etc. But even these adjectives don't quite describe him! Let me share a few tidbits to illustrate just how awesome this kid really is!

Isaac came home smiling from kindergarten one day with a treat given by one his classmates whose birthday they celebrated that day. He carefully unwrapped the plastic package to find some nuts, dried fruit and two large jelly beans. Without the slightest disppointment he started to eat the nuts and dried fruit. He picked up the orange jelly bean, bit it in half and offered me the other half. He then said, "We'll save the pink jelly bean for Addie!" My eyes filled with tears as I actually encouraged him to eat the pink jelly bean - afterall it was his treat. Nope. He was going to save the pink jelly bean for his big sister. To this day - he does things like this all the time!

Just the other day at Walmart we were in the Halloween costume aisle. Several kids were playing with the foam swords and double edged axes pretending to stab and kill each other. I turned to find Isaac swinging the double edged ax through the air saying, "Look mom! I'm Paul Bunyan!" (Oh that reminds me! Something funny he said when he was about 3 years old...one of those riding in the car questions..."Mom...is Paul Bunyan Russian?")

Our school has an annual hoedown at the end of each school year. They encourage people to dress up in their western outfits but most kids usually don't. Isaac did. He wore jeans, a long-sleeved denim shirt, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and red bandana - in May! Trying to protect him from possible ridicule he might get from friends at school, I tried to casually hint to him that most kids his age wouldn't be dressing up in their Western outfits. He said he didn't care - that he wanted to dress up. And so he did. As his mother, I couldn't let him go it alone so I sported a cowboy hat to the event.

At his own birthday party yesterday I was told that when a family member came to sit at the table with him, he noticed that there weren't any more chairs. He quickly got up and offered to go get a chair for this person. Not one other person at the table even noticed (even the adults!).

On Saturday he was invited to a friend's birthday party. I woke up early with the baby to find him with wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and ribbon spread out on the family room floor. "I am wrapping Corbin's present!" he told me. Later he showed me the card he made to go with the present - which was a couple of Star Wars action figures. The card said, "Feel the force of your birthday!"

I wish I could remember more specific examples of the remarkable thoughtfulness and self-sacrificing this boy exhibits. Not to mention the fact that he is extra smart, creative and musical. I think Isaac was given to our family to teach us something - and we are surely better people for having him around. Anyone who knows him - who really gets to know him - is a better person because of it. This is a very special birthday for Isaac - he will be baptized next month. He deserves a very special tribute.

Do you have any favorite memories of Isaac that you could share? What do you love about Isaac?
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Anna said...

I've always thought he was really well behaved and had a sweetness about him. I love all the artwork of his you have posted. He is so talented. We need to spend more time together so we can get to know him better! Happy Birthday Isaac.

Melissa said...

He is so sweet. I love his singing voice. He is just a good kid!

Bek said...

He is a gem. I just caught up on all your posts. Emily, you are amazing! I love the half and half birthday! Great idea. Cate looks SO grown up too.... sheesh.

You inspire me with your adventurous spirit with your family and your creative energy. I want to be you when I grow up.

Kip said...

What a sweet tribute to both of your kids! As you point out, when I think of Isaac, I, too, think of his amazing generosity and gentleness of spirit. I think of his thoughtful cards and his phonetic spelling. I think of his appreciation for everything. You know, when people say that Isaac is a lot like me, I see that as much more of a compliment to me than to him. What a great guy!

Nellie said...

Isaac is so adorable. I remember when he got lost at the beach in Santa Cruz the first thing I remember you saying is "Not Isaac!" You were getting used to little Cate (who was not the easiest baby, if I remember), and we were all so worried about Isaac, but, of course we found him. And I think he went to look at someone or something down the beach a ways. So cute. "Not Isaac!" It's not like you meant any of your children were expendable, but I know exactly what you meant!! :)

Stacie said...

One of my first memories I have of Isaac is when he sang in the primary program a few years ago. How cute he was up there singing so bravely and so well. He was so little and so dang cute! He is the sweetest little guy and always so considerate of his classmates and those around him. You lucky person you!!!