Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of a Kind: Catie-doo

Cate is the wild card of our family. In looks and in her quirky personality. And that's what we call her...Little Miss Personality! She is full of life and enthusiasm. Cate also has a smile that is contagious! And she wears it most of the time. I love Cate's smile!!! Like the other girls in our family (except for me!) she shares an endless supply of energy and is always on the go. Here are a few other things we love about Cate:

Cate is a good friend. A social butterfly through and through - Cate is friendly and makes friends easily. Wherever we go - if there is a little girl near us that looks close to her age - Cate will notice and want to initiate interaction. She is considerate and plays well with other children. I really admire her confidence!

Cate is creative. She has always loved coloring and drawing but most recently she has spent time creating these "flowers" with pattern blocks. I think is is remarkable for a child her age to want to sit and take the time to create these patterns and designs. She has tried to get her friends interested in this activity - but not one has even tried.

Cate is a graceful and lovely dancer. I have posted before how much Cate loves dress-ups and dancing. I know that I am a biased mother but I think she really has natural ability and just looks beautiful when she moves!

I can't believe Cate with a "C" is turning five! I know we go through phases with our children and I am happy to say that after a...dynamic third and fourth year with this child - I am truly loving the phase she is in now.

What do you love about Sister Cate? Any memories to share?


Anna said...

She is a talented little lady! Love that design she made. You have great kids!

Melissa said...

I love that dress! When I think of Cate I just think CUTE!!

Kip said...

When I think of Cate, I think of her dancing. I think of her dressing up and always wanting to perform. I think of her nearly endless appetite for candy. In that way, she's probably a lot like me :-) I think of the sheer glee that's on her face in the photo you took of her as she rode the ferris wheel at the state fair. I think of her boundless enthusiasm. What an adorable girl she is!

Stacie said...

I love Cate's smile...I don't think I've ever seen her not smile. I sat by her in primary one Sunday and she and Ambrie were giggling. They were being silly and it made me laugh. I bet you all have lots of fun when Cate is around.
Cate is a sweet heart, I think she'll break lots of hearts someday. Better keep your eye on that one. :)