Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Times Two

Isaac and Cate were born three years and two days apart. So each year I deal with the challenge of how to create special days for each child without having to do two entirely separate birthday parties. We only do friends parties every other year so that helps a little bit. But often the combined family parties seem to turn out just as big and elaborate. For some reason I always get a little carried away!
This year we went all out and invited everyone on both sides of our family to attend the celebration. I called it a half and half birthday party. Half for Cate and half for Isaac - split right down the middle.

My mom and I created a half and half cake

Half princess

Half Indiana Jones

We had a quiz to see who knew the most about Isaac and Cate and a scrumptious dinner (thanks to everyone that helped!). They both received some wonderful presents! Here is Isaac and his cousin in their Indiana Jones costumes.

And Cate couldn't have been a lovelier Queen

Here is Papa taking her on a promenade around the room

Well, it looks like we're all set for Halloween! Here are some of the guests...

Happy Birthday I-man and Catie-fizzle!


Jen said...

Emily, you are so creative. Seriously, an inspiration. Looks like a fun half-and-half celebration. I can't believe Isaac is eight.

Darren and Chrissy said...

I LOVE that idea! Brad and Scott are exactly the same as Isaac and Cate- 3 years and 2 days apart. Both in November. Maybe I will steal your idea! BTW- I looked for you at Women's Conference on Saturday night and I think they briefly showed you once- just as I started pointing you out to everyone you were gone! (Yes, I announced to everyone that my friend was singing in the choir!) Oh, and I loved the choir director. She looks like a fun lady!

Anna said...

Okay, so when are you writing the book about fabulous creative parenting? I want the first copy. Happy birthday to Cate and Isaac!
I too caught a quick glimpse of you during the last song at the Women's Conference. You guys sounded beautiful. Why did the director look SOOOO familiar to me?

Julie said...

That was one fun party. Loved the pink and black idea.

Nellie said...

I think every comment I leave on your blog goes something like "you're so clever/creative/smart." Seriously, what a great idea! I tmakes me jealous that sll my kids have different months for birthdays!

I saw you from afar at the boradcast -- I was glad to know where you were sitting, so that even though there wasn't a true close-up, i knew where you were. Nice job! The music was a highlight for sure.

Carrie Anne said...

wow! you did a great job & what great ideas to honor both! that cake turned out AWESOME! i hope they had a super fun day!

Melissa said...

What a great idea! You are so creative Emily! What a fun mom! It looks like a way fun party!

Jennette said...

Really, what a wonderful party idea. Like everyone else has said, you are so amazingly creative! How do you come up with it all. I love it.

CB and Jenn Allen said...

You are THE coolest mommy, Em!!!

What a fun and special birthday party!