Monday, August 11, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

It was one busy, fun-filled weekend! Here is the run down:
The kids took "Streak" and the bunnies to the local city pet show. They had a great time and won a certificate and some treats.
The kids with "Streak" the Green Tree Frog

Cate and Isaac with Mopsy and Flopsy

Here are the kids telling the crowd about their pets. The funniest was when Isaac was listing things about Mopsy and said "She's a boy" (you can read the history of the bunny saga here)

After the pet show we headed for our friend's "We're Dyeing to go Back to School!" tye dye party. It was a blast - such a cute idea! Here we are with our finished shirts.

After the party, Wes had the kids out in the front yard with their fishing poles - teaching them how to cast. He was getting them ready for their upcoming backpacking trip this week. The kids (and Wes) got so excited they decided to dig up some worms and head for the reservior up the canyon. It was threatening rain but we all piled up in the car anyway. The canyon was lovely as always but when we turned up for Tibblefork, we noticed the river was very, very muddy. Seemed a little strange for the light amount of rain we were receiving at the time. Well we didn't get much further when we discovered what was causing the muddy river. There was a huge mudslide that was blocking the road - with lines of cars on either side. We stood out in the rain for a while watching people drive their 4-wheel drive vehicles over the slide. The kids thought it was awesome but were disppointed to miss out on the fishing. Sorry - no pictures!
Made roasted almonds and truffles to sell at the charity bake sale on Saturday. Hosted a family party for the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. It was too late to prepare Chinese food so we just had a BBQ. But it was fun anyway and the ceremonies were spectacular! Stayed up late packing the car for the big yard sale the next morning.

We parted ways and I went to the yard sale while Wes took the kids to the city parade. Addie was in the parade with her gymnastics team but there aren't any pictures. There was plenty of candy though!
They had jumphouses and slides for the kids and who can pass up the cotton candy?

As for the sale, you can see in my previous post that it was a huge success. We raised more than $1000!
Saturday night, we braved the rain again and took the kids to the rodeo. The bull riding ended right when the rain started so it worked out just right.
Sunday we relaxed! One more week until school starts!


Rachel said...

You guys are animals! Sounds like a great weekend. I love the tie-dye shirts!

Anna said...

Fun, fun, fun. I want to go to a rodeo and I love the dyeing to go back to school party. (wish I was actually dying for the kids to go back).
And as for another caterpillar, I would love to come and get yours but I'm going to be gone and the kids are going to be going back and forth so I think they/I would miss the good stuff so just let your kids enjoy it. Thanks for the offer. Next year we will try again.

Julie said...

What an exciting and fun-filled summer you guys have had. Way to make the most of each and every day! I have enjoyed reading all of your amazing posts, and I am truly in awe & full of admiration. What a life! It reminds me of our old homeschool days. Education and life-experience at its best.

Impressive tie-dye! Will you teach me? Suddenly, I have a keen interest in wearing tie-dye.
I'm back to blogging, finally.

Jme said...

I love the shirts...they turned out great! And thanks sooooo much for the help. We were a little (a lot) in need at the time! And I know I already said something to you, but the "She's a boy" thing still cracks me up!