Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moved to Tears

This blogging world is really quite incredible - a phenomenon really.
I have posted a couple of times about the recent accident of Stephanie and Christian. Well Stephanie was a blogger - and not just a small-time blogger - she had a huge following of readers that grew to love and admire Stephanie for the unique and talented person that she is. Since the accident I have been following friends' and family member's blogs for updates and have been blown away by the comments of love and support they have received - often times from complete strangers who only knew Stephanie through her blog. I am talking hundreds of people.

And then our friend, Design Mom had the ingenious idea to declare today as "Nie Nie Day." And the idea spread like wild fire. In support of raising money for the recovery fund for Stephanie and Christian, hundreds of blog auctions are being held all across the country. I think the current total listed by Design Mom today is 275! And the bidding is reaching well into the hundreds and beyond. There is one auction for a blank canvas to be painted on by artist Paul Ferney that is close to $1000! Stephanie's sister is auctioning off a signed BYU football and helmet and the bidding is above $500 each! Her sister in-law is auctioning off an electric guitar signed by Maroon 5 and some Maroon 5 concert tickets (in Pheonix) - each going for between $200-400 dollars. And the auctions have just begun so the bidding will go much higher, I'm sure.

I am in awe at the generosity of the people hosting the auctions and the people bidding. I believe that most of them do not even know Stephanie or her family personally. I am a small-time blogger so I am not in on the scoop and loop but these are just my observations. I think it is truly remarkable. And I love knowing that there are so many good people out there - ready to rally together for a friend - even if they have never met her. This has been a good lesson for me.


Julie said...

Wow! I'm out of the loop, but impressed. I'll have to read some of these.

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Yesterday I spent far too much time browsing the auctions, reading all the bids and being totally blown away at the sheer size and magnitude of one person's small idea, and just how much good/charity (in the true meaning of the word) Design Mom's idea is producing. Wow. People are good, aren't they?
My favorite auction is definitely the one over on Jolly Porter.

Stacie said...

I think that's so amazing...what great friends! I've read Stephanie's blog too, what a neat person she is...I wish the best for them.

Jennette said...

Amen. It's amazing.

Jme said...

What an experience & lesson for us all to learn from! Thanks for sharing.