Saturday, July 26, 2008

Children's Art Show

For the July 24th holiday my mom hosted a children's art show and ice cream social. She displayed art from her grandchilren, children and even some artwork from when she was a child. She invited the extended family and requested that they also bring some artwork to share. Each artist received a first and second place ribbon. It was really cute to see how excited the kids were to see which of their art pieces received ribbons. It was a huge success and a wonderful way to spend the holiday.
The show:

The art:
Two pieces my mom did when she was a child

Kip's Hummingbird - age 6

Weston's Picasso - age 9

"Kippy" - age 3

"Grandma's Earrings" - Isaac, age 4

"Victor from Corpse Bride" - Isaac, age 7

Jack - age 3

"Butterfly" - Cate, age 4

"Flower" - Cate, age 4

Allie - age 12

Nick's claymation sculptures - age 14

Two more of Nick's creations

Nick sells his designs on t-shirts at this site:

Jake - age 9

"Starry Starry Night" - Addie, age 9

"Witch" - Addie, age 9

Artwork done by the cousins

The family:

Such a great idea Mom!


Jennette said...

That is super cool! And now I totally know that creativity runs in the genes....because my kids are drawing scribble-scrabble (even at 7 yrs old). Thanks for sharing some highlights of the pieces. They're wonderful.

Emily S. said...

My cousin's daughter has some stuff on this website:
It's pretty cool!

cri said...

I'm so sorry that I had to miss it! I loved it, though. :) ♥

Melissa said...

What a fun idea. I love that all the generations participated too!

Anna said...

What a totally amazing idea. Wow. And your kids are great little artists. I love it! I may have to borrow that idea.

Jme said...

This is such a GREAT idea! And what a talented family!

p said...

i love that your mom is emphasizing art and creativity, showcasing the family art, and bringing everyone together. this is wonderful! she is an amazing woman. i'm so stealing this idea.

sheryl said...

Love the pictures! It was a great time. One of my favorites because we all interacted with each other. I enjoyed talking with all of my cousins children.
Thankful for such a great extended family!