Monday, April 21, 2008

Laser Awesome!

For all you locals - if you are a U2 fan, go see the laser show at the Clark Planetarium! It is really cool. Actually it's called a "cosmic light show" and is more digital images than lasers but we still loved it. We took the older two kids and went with some friends on TRAX. If you can go in the next couple of weeks - all shows are $5.00. It was a blast!


Melissa said...

Curry, Jaman and I went and we loved it! Curry took the guy from Africa that was staying with us to see it too! It's a great show! Like I said, it was all I could do stay in my chair and not be up dancing the whole time!! Rock on U2!!!!

Jme said...

Thanks for coming with us! We had a great time! Holler when you are ready to go again! I think I will forever chuckle about "the laser guy". And thanks for the "blog" support!