Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Few Good Reads

I haven't been very good at posting because we have been so busy. But I am also waiting to post pictures of Bermuda until I get copies of the ones taken with Brad's ultra-nice camera. In the meantime I will post about a few good books I read during the trip (two of which were recommended from Desperate for a Good Read).

#1 - The Big Year. Check out Kip's review here. I really enjoyed this book because I also love birdwatching. But whether or not you feel the excitement behind the binocs - it still is a very interesting story and a fun read.
#2 - Interpreter of Maladies. You can read Jennette's review here. This is a Pulitzer prize winning collection of short stories. I enjoyed the characters and especially the descriptions of the Indian culture.
#3 - Autobiography of a Face. I just barely posted a review here. This is a memoir about the author's diagnosis of cancer at age nine and how it impacted her life. Good story!

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Anna said...

I am loving the reading blog. I have a pile of books sitting by my bed, all recommendations from the blog.