Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Good Hands

One of the reasons why we enjoyed ourselves on our cruise so much was because we felt like our kids were in really good hands while we were gone. Before we left, SJ had pretty bad separation anxiety so I was nervous that she would cry the entire week and be traumatized for life. I think she had hard time the first day we were gone but was totally fine after that! Hooray! I think it really helped to have such great babysitters. The first half of the week my friend Brooke brought her darling daughter Hannah all the way from Southern California to watch my kids. The second half of the week, Weston's lovely medical assistant April came to watch the kids. Let's just take a look at some of the cute and fun things they did:

Brooke is a pastry chef and wonderful cook and so she always does amazing things with food. Look at the fabulous birthday cake she made for "A" (who celebrated her birthday while we were gone). Remember how much she loves frogs?

These are two of the meals Brooke made on April Fools Day. The "fried eggs and toast" is actually melted marshmallows with yellow frosting and a toasted piece of pound cake! And aren't those mini burgers and fries the cutest? (click on the pictures to make them larger)

Check this out! Brooke came up with this idea. The "baked potato" is actually a ball of ice cream rolled in Nestle Quick with toffee bits for the "eyes" of the potato. The sour cream is whipped cream topped with a yellow starburst for a pat of butter and green and black sprinkles for pepper and chives. So cute! She really is amazing and does stuff with my kids I would never do. We all loooooove Brooke!

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of the fun the kids had with April but there was plenty of it. There was picnics at the park, movies, treats, and fun. She definitely won the hearts of my kids. And me too! I returned home to a sparkling clean house with homemade cinnamon rolls rolls waiting for breakfast in the morning. How can you beat that? Oh and with her medical expertise, she treated 3 of my kids who got sick at the end of the week. She even had "A" tested for strep and had one of the docs prescribe her an antibiotic! Talk about excellent care!

I can't thank you enough ladies!


Jennette said...

Wow!! I'm dying over those pastry creations. Amazing. She should market those. Very fun. And how jealous am I that you had friends like that to take the kids while you could get away. Bless them!

Julie said...

Well, blow me over. I have never heard of such great sitters. You should go on a cruise several times a year!

Anna said...

That is so fantastic. We had fun in Seattle because we knew our kids where in such great hands. It makes the biggest difference. And did SJ do just fine? I'm glad you got to get away!!!

Dacia said...

Fun to have Brooke come visit and she continues to be amazing! Where did you go on your cruise? I can't wait to see photos!!!

Jen said...

Emily, I have to say, you have beautiful kids.