Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday for the Papa!

Yesterday we celebrated my dad's birthday. My mom hosted the event and prepared a sit-down dinner of the most delectable pot roast (my dad's favorite)!

After all of that deliciousness we were treated to a made-from-scratch-triple-layer-chocolate-cake with seven minute icing(made with love by my mom) and homemade vanilla ice cream (made with love by my brother Kip). You can probably guess how much my family likes really, really good food (or is it just me?).

For the birthday activity, I prepared a little quiz "How Well Do You Know Papa?" I included bits of trivia like birthdate, middle name, favorite candy, favorite TV show, name of former mission companion that has a hook arm, etc. We all had a few good laughs and learned some interesting things too - like that he was 12 when he learned to drive, sailed on the Queen Mary to get to England where he served his mission, and that he played the triangle with the Utah Valley Symphony for one performance. Who got the most right? Wes only missed 2- go figure!

Papa's presents included the usual - black licorice and orange marshmallow circus peanuts

It was just warm enough for a quick walk to Uncle Bud's park. It felt so good to get outside and enjoy the evening.

Here's to the greatest dad in the world!!!


Nellie said...

Yumm-o! I wish I could have been there if only for that chocolate cake and ice cream! The only time I have made a homemade chocolate cake I was disappointed, so I haven't tried again. It's a lot of work, if the result is sub-par, but your Mom's looked PERFECT!

Anna said...

I didn't know your Dad served a mission in England.

I love this time of year. Oak Hills is so beautiful right next to the mountains. What a great way to spend a Sunday evening!!!

Julie said...

What a party! Happy B-day to JC. He certainly deserves a true celebration will all the find dining and entertainment. Love the photos!